Working Economy 
There are limits to what the City can spend and we must grow responsibly and fairly. We must find ways to increase revenue while eliminating burdensome taxes affecting small businesses and working-class residents. It's extremely important to motivate entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and merchants to build and invest in our community and ensure that everyone gets a fair shot. Creating innovation will take our City into the future, just as it had in the past.
Protecting Education
The building block of success starts and ends at education. Children are the future and we must make sure our school districts are always secure and adequately funded by protecting and up keeping our property values in order for our children to become the leaders and innovators of the future.
Fixing Crumbling Infrastructure

Year after year, we are faced with gridlock over how to improve our roads, parks, and abandoned properties. We must work harder than ever before with the State and Federal government to invest for the long-term.  And our community should not endure neighborhood flooding, potholes, or crumbling sidewalks. This spring has made it quite apparent that our drainage and sewer systems should be paid more attention to in the future. Failure to continue to maintain and constantly update our infrastructure has created heartbreak and unnecessary financial burden to our City. It is the responsibility of those on City Council to seek and find solutions. It won't be cheap. It won't be easy. But it must be done! You shouldn't need an ark to live in Allen Park!

Vibrant Downtown
Downtown is the central core and commercial area of our City. Lack of a strong and vibrant downtown signifies to residents and visitors alike that we are not as prosperous as we should be and that the future looks bleak. We must work to bring the heart of our City alive, pumping with business, diversity, and people gleaming bright during the day and relishing the nightlife throughout the night.
Public Safety
No City is safe without making public safety a #1 priority! The finest and bravest among us should never go without what they need to ensure each one of us is safe. While our City has made tremendous progress, through connecting the community, there is much more to be done. For residents to be safe at all times, the Council must work together for public safety, for we are only as strong as our weakest link. 
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