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  • Uphold Justice, Public Safety, and Demand Full Police and Fire Department Employment

    • Our community depends on public safety professionals and their ability to respond to situations quickly, effectively, and accurately. As Allen Parkers, we pride ourselves on being home to one of the safest cities in Michigan thanks to the brave men and women of the Allen Park Police Department and the Allen Park Fire Department. Society is constantly changing and adapting, and it is the job of those in public safety to adapt and change with it. Yet, as long as there is a threat to our well-being, these professionals will always need to keep us safe. 

    • ​​As your City Councilman, I pledge to continue to prioritize public safety, just as I did when I stood up to protect our community during the Covid-19 Pandemic and drove the change needed to successfully update our City Charter with your help by guaranteeing budget dollars always go to our police and fire departments. I am not done! I will continue to push for full employment. And I will continue to make sure they always have what is required to perform their duties with the latest technology.

  • Empower and Support Small Business​

    • ​Small businesses are the backbone of Allen Park. These businesses help keep our city thriving, booming, and vibrant. The support of the community means a great deal to these owners, and many enjoy returning the favor by participating in fundraisers and holding special events as a token of appreciation to the community. As a city, we must recognize their contributions and shop locally when possible.

    • ​As your City Councilman, I will continue to support small businesses by pushing Allen Park to be a city where businesses can continue to grow by taking steps that include creating tax credits, fast-tracking licensing and permits, and supporting the Allen Park Downtown Development Authority and the Allen Park Chamber of Commerce. 

  • Invest and Rebuild Our Community Infrastructure​​ With First Class Downtown

    • Infrastructure is the building block of Allen Park and Michigan's economy as a whole. Rising construction-related costs have eroded the purchasing power of capital project dollars, reducing the ability of local governments to meet crucial infrastructure needs. As your City Councilman, I understood this. I also knew the importance that our community had in having well-maintained buildings to protect our city investments and roads, where our children can get to school safely, and where everyone can get to work without blowing a tire. And that's why I voted to build our world-class Department of Public Services building and pushed to make our city cleaner by making sure we have weekly recycling pickup alongside our trash collection pickup.

    • I vow to continue to push our city into the future by building, not more of what we’ve always built, but by building better than before. As your City Councilman, I will continue to push for more ways to further improve and protect our roads, parks, sidewalks, and community buildings. 

    • Yet, part of our future is learning from our past. As the ancient Greeks demonstrated thousands of years ago, amphitheaters can bring communities together and generate positive economic impact if they are located properly and designed with a multitude of uses to entice visitors of all ages to enjoy the space and surrounding amenities.

  • Grow Strong Schools​

    • ​Each school in our city is only as successful as our least successful. The success and strength of our schools depend on the success of each school. If we let one school fail, we let all our children fail.

    • Schools should provide every child with the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in life. Schools must require fully qualified professional teachers.

    • As your City Councilman, I will ensure school boards are supported by the city to provide adequate funding, instruction is delivered in a way that recognizes the differences in both the interests and needs of specific children, and opportunities are provided to learn outside of classroom time, including the arts, sports, and other recreational programs. And this must be done by ensuring schools are safe and fair environments for everyone.

  • Always Stand Up For Families, Veterans, Seniors, Disabled Persons, Retirees, and Union Workers

    • ​Allen Park is a hub for culture, entertainment, and innovation. It is a great place to raise children, worship, shop, work, and play. Part of that undertaking includes our history and recreation. And that's why I supported a new bright direction at our Parks and Rec Department and volunteered at our Allen Park Historic Museum, standing side by side with the Historic Commissioners to drive for much-needed vital renovations. I will continue to work vigorously to guarantee Allen Park always remains a great City today, tomorrow, and always! 

    • As your City Councilman, I will always stand up for our:

      • Families​

      • Veterans

      • Seniors

      • Disabled Persons

      • Retirees 

      • Union Workers​​

  • Transparent and Honest Government​​

    • ​Transparency implies openness and communication. It creates accountability between Allen Parkers and the government. ​​​As your City Councilman, I will ensure it remains that way. Public engagement enhances government and impacts the quality of decisions made by City Council. And when knowledge is widely dispersed, we all benefit. Never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or even to say hello! 

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